Chilled liquids such as milk and creams of all types can be especially tricky to package – you need to find a happy balance between a strong seal that ensures no leakage, whilst also allowing the consumer to easily access the contents without spilling, or damaging the pack. There are a number of obvious choices: our 3 side seal stand-up pouch, or a pillow pack. Both offer numerous benefits including excellent barrier properties (100% airtight), full conservation of flavour and freshness and extended shelf life. They are consumer friendly, easy to carry, easy to open – and ideal for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Our spout pouches are another great place to start when packaging liquids – especially cream & milk. They offer flexibility, easy consumer access, exceptional shelf life, freshness and high barrier protection. Similarly, their heat stability, strength and suitability for high speed form, fill and seal packing lines make them an unrivalled choice. On-shelf presence and customer convenience are also important aspects well served by our pouches.