It’s general knowledge that tea is the favourite drink of many people across the world. Now, a varied consumer base has led to the introduction of new tea flavours which is fuelling the growing global demand for the drink. We supply innovative, high performance lidding film & stand-up pouch solutions for the many variants of tea and tastes. Loose leaves or granules, in bags, pods & capsules.

We provide beverage manufacturers with confidence that the delicious flavours of their products are maintained once a pack of tea is opened, with consumer-friendly zipper closures. Our stand-up pouches also available as multipack stand-up pouch. Here’s a bit more info about Koroseal lidding films, our range of multilayer laminates that are compatible with a massive range of containers and trays. These films provide many benefits including high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent gas barrier and premium sealing properties on high speed packaging lines. You can also specify ultrasonic sealing version for easy opening, and the whole range features superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance. In other words, perfect for pods or capsules.

Stand out on the shelf and stand up in our superior stand-up pouches, multipack stand up pouches, bags, pods and capsules that enhance the drinking experience where freshness is key. Excellent presentation, protection against spoilage and leakage to prevent waste and extended shelf life are all hallmarks of tea packaging from Korozo. We think our tea service is second to none.