Cold cuts and processed meats really must attract consumer attention on the shelf in order to compete with other lines, so give them the best start with our packaging. Especially brilliant for snacks and volume packs, our Reclosable multilayer films are not only compatible with multiple packaging machines and trays, but can also be printed in up to 11 stunning colours to really make an impact in a retail environment. With up to 10 cycles of open and close and excellent clarity, these really are top of the line films. Perhaps you’re after a flowpack or pouch type solution for meat-based snack products? Below is a snapshot of the benefits of some our most popular barrier films – but whatever you need, we can help so visit our product page links below or give us a call today.

Korozo’s Korotop lidding films are a versatile range of multilayer laminates compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines. To decide the best solution for you we evaluate several factors including the type of product to be packed, processing levels, package sizes, bottom trays and sealing parameters. Korotop films offer a high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent sealing properties on high speed packaging lines – even at low temperature – antifog for good visibility, superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance. There is even a peelable version for easy opening.

Koropack films with barrier coated PE laminates are quality films ideal for both HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) flowpack machines. They have a number of qualities that help to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of a multitude of products. Korogpeel films have been developed especially for application to mono APET trays and provide high oxygen barrier protection, as well as excellent clarity, very good heat resistance, good puncture resistance and high gloss surface. Above all, they are user-friendly and easy for the customer to open!

Koroseal films have been specially designed for high speed machinery requiring low temperature sealing, and can be used in both horizontal and vertical filling lines. An extra strong seal guarantees to eliminate leakage, whilst mechanical strength ensures impact resistance. Add to this a high oxygen barrier, wide hot-tack range and high surface gloss and you have a great packaging film! Korozo Easy Lock films are specially designed for packaging sliced ham and other meats. Shaped as a re-openable envelope, the packs are available in a number of variations including sealable, peelable and double lock, and provide consumers with a user-friendly way of accessing all types of sliced meats whilst reducing food waste. Compatible with automated production lines, Easy Lock films also reduce manufacturing costs by removing the need for zipper closures.