Seafood can be a little tricky – these products don’t have the longest shelf life so as well as trying to extend that all-important date with your packaging, you also want to show the food off to its best advantage so it flies off the shelf. That’s where our films come in – without exception they have superb optical clarity and puncture resistance, and robust sealing. Not to mention a host of other qualities such as antifog and choice of thicknesses. Korozo’s Korotop lidding films are a versatile range of multilayer laminates compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines.To decide the best solution for you we evaluate several factors including the type of product to be packed, processing levels, package sizes, bottom trays and sealing parameters. Korotop films offer a high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent sealing properties on high speed packaging lines – even at low temperature - antifog for good visibility, superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance. There is even a peelable version for easy opening – perfect for seafood snacks.

Korovac vacuum packaging is ideal for multiple food applications, including seafood. A range of single layer or multilayer laminate films is available, in different thicknesses, and we can also offer 3 side sealed vacuum pouches in a choice of sizes. Treat your tasty-looking seafood products to our top quality Koroskin films, bringing excellent clarity and leakage control, longer shelf life and mechanical strength. Perfect for premium lines such as smoked salmon, and of course flavoured or sauce-coated seafood fillets, along with a “school” of other products.

Our new PP peel films, for example, have been developed especially for packaging food and meet all the FDA and EC regulations, as well as offering high oxygen and water vapour barriers, low temperature sealing and excellent puncture resistance. Seafood could benefit from our flexible bottom films, which also offer low permeability and superb clarity, and bring added cost savings as they are thinner films that perform just as competently as thicker ones. You should also consider our Deli Bags – an innovative method of packaging seafood that bring many benefits, including special barrier properties for freshness, a resealable zipper, convenient carry handle and high visibility window for easy viewing of the contents. From a production viewpoint there is a large printing area for branding and sales messages, and the bags take up minimal space both in storage and transportation.