You really are spoilt for choice if you need to get your sausage and bacon lines packaged and out into the world. Koroform flexible bottom films are a top quality range of crystal clear 9 layer coex films, perfect for packaging sausages or bacon, offering great deep drawing properties and very low permeability, as well as being compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines. Thanks to advanced coextrusion technology, these thinner films offer the same performance as thicker equivalents by showing top level mechanical properties.

We also offer Koroskin films that give consumers a proper close-up of your foods; these are available in both hard and soft peel options and provide full leakage control and longer shelf life, not to mention up to 20% saving on materials.

Korogpeel films have been developed especially for application to mono APET trays and provide high oxygen barrier protection, as well as excellent clarity, very good heat resistance, good puncture resistance and high gloss surface. Above all, they are user-friendly and easy for the customer to open! Korozo’s Korotop lidding films are a versatile range of multilayer laminates compatible with many different trays and rollstock machines. To decide the best solution for you we evaluate several factors including the type of product to be packed, processing levels, package sizes, bottom trays and sealing parameters. Korotop films offer a high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent sealing properties on high speed packaging lines – even at low temperature - antifog for good visibility, superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance. There is even a peelable version for easy opening.

Finally, we know how important Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is for sausage and bacon products, so we can offer several solutions to meet your requirements.