Our spouted pouches are ideal for miscellaneous household goods such as anti-freeze, adhesives (from household glues to fixatives such as tyre repair products) and any other liquid or semi-liquid products.

Pouches offer flexibility, exceptional shelf presence, freshness, high barrier protection and customer convenience. Similarly, their heat stability, strength and suitability for high speed form, fill and seal packing lines make them an unrivalled choice in production. The spout provides not only convenient access but also, of course, the ability to close up the packaging between uses, extending its usefulness within the home.

Other more solid items such as soaps will find no better packaging solution than our flowpack films, or one of our other colourful, attractive solutions which have been specially designed for high speed machinery requiring low temperature sealing, and can be used in both horizontal and vertical filling lines. An extra strong seal guarantees to eliminate leakage and keep in freshness and perfumes, so this range is ideal for household items.