Medical device packaging needs to be strong to protect the contents and provide an outstanding sterile barrier. Korozo can provide many different packaging options for your medical devices. To start with there is an extensive range of high barrier films especially designed for high speed machines requiring low temperature sealing, and applicable for both horizontal & vertical filling lines. A major benefit is greater rigidity compared to standard PE laminates, and the quality of the film guarantees no leakage in seal areas.

As well as a high barrier, these films show very good heat resistance and mechanical strength, resulting in excellent puncture and impact resistance – perfect for the manufacture of medical solutions bags. For over-wrapping or outer packaging of sterile solutions bags, select our PP (polypropylene) films with/without nonwoven options for flexibility, durability and tear-resistance, very important when dealing with such sensitive medical contents. Light is prevented from penetrating to the bag’s contents and, with a lower static charge, the bags attract less dust, dirt and other contaminants.

For other applications look no further than our pouches or pillow packs. Our 3 side seal pouches and pillow packs offer numerous benefits including excellent barrier properties (100% airtight), to safely preserve the contents and extend life. They are easy to carry, easy to open.