VCI Film & Bags Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology is an important means for equipment owners or manufacturers of metal parts to help ensure their assets or manufactured goods stay in good condition and arrive rust-free in the hands of customers.

Bare metal parts can be inserted directly into VCI bags or packed with VCI films for protection against corrosion during storage or shipment, without the use of hazardous rust preventives. The film can be converted into many different sizes and styles of bags depending on the user’s need.

Your VCI packaging will be produced with a tailor-made formula, determined according to the metal composition to be protected.


• Flexible, water resistant, recycable
• Protectivity with corrosion inhibiting effect to all metals and alloys
• Easy “pack and protect” application: No vacuum or heat application needed to activate VCI
• Surface will be protected by evaporation under normal weather conditions
• Safe to human health and environmental pollution
• By opening the package, the VCI layer fades away without any need of cleaning
• Extends the product’s life
• Its volatile structure makes it easy to reach cavities
• Provides mechanical and chemical protection
• Fully compatible to automatic packaging systems
• Transparent for easy inspection
• No corrosion. No complaints. No refunds. No compensation. No loss of prestige. No loss of customer.


30 μm - 250 μm thickness

Easy apply

Absolutely non-toxic and environmental friendly

VCI molecules reach the smallest gaps

Useful without rust preventives

Acting up to 30 cm distance