No more entangling to Silage Film. No more difficulties in recycling. An innovative New Product that replaces the traditional Netwrap: KORO-NETRF.

Benefits of KORO-NETRF

* 5-layer Co-extruded Blown Film
* More improved Silage Quality: KORO-NETRF holds bale tighter so that air keeps out
* More profitable Farming and Forage Quality: An extra film on the bale reduces vermin
* Film reduces the high risk of plastic particels mixing into harvest and prevents the serious affects on animals health
* Labour Saving: No need to seperate Film & Net when opening bales
* Easier Handling & Storage due to bettershaped bale: KORO-NETRF compresses the bale tighter and denser
* Available in various widths & colours
* 100% recyclable – can be recycled together with Silage Film