Wicketed bags are a simple but highly practical solution for smaller bakery items generally packed in multipacks, such as bread rolls, buns and pastries. They are transparent so the consumer can see exactly what they are buying, printable with branding or product information, perforated to allow the contents to breathe, and help to both protect the contents and extend shelf life. They can be supplied with or without bottom gusset.

Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly baked bread? And of course the pleasure of cutting into a loaf that’s still fresh and springy! Look no further for the perfect solution to wrapping any type of bread, from a large loaf to a crunchy French stick. Koropack films with barrier coated PE laminates are the ideal first stop. These quality films are ideal for both HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) flowpack machines. They have a number of qualities that help to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of bread products – quite vital benefits in a very competitive marketplace.

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