We supply innovative packaging solutions for the many variants of tea and coffee. Loose tea leaves, in bags, granules or instant coffee - everyone has a favourite on how they enjoy their favourite hot refreshment. Our pouches, multipack stand-up pouches, stick packs – and of course lidding for pods and capsules – all enhance the drinking experience where freshness is key. Excellent presentation, protection against spoilage and leakage to prevent waste, and extended shelf life are all hallmarks of packaging from Korozo.

Our tea service is packed full of benefits. We provide stand out shelf solutions that provide beverage manufacturers with confidence that the delicious flavours of their products are maintained once a pack of tea is opened. Our bags and pouches are available in a wide range of high barrier packaging materials to meet any product’s needs.

  • Excellent gas barrier
  • Keep the taste longer with valve specification.
  • Extended shelf life
  • Easy to open with types of zipper & tear notch

For ground coffee our side-gusseted bags, plus valve and gusseted pouches, keep the product fresh as well as offer the consumer multiple easy-opening features such as zippers and tear notches. Valve pouches are also a great choice to keep in that wonderful fresh-coffee aroma as long as possible after first opening. On-shelf presence and customer convenience are also important aspects well served by our printed bags and sealed pouches.

The growing demand for instant coffee makes our stick packs the ideal solution for drinks on the go. They provide easy use with laser scribing, extended shelf life and are suitable for dry products. We can cater for all tastes and much more in our range of packaging options. Also available for promotional code application.

When it comes to single serve coffee pods and capsules, we think our lidding solutions are the perfect topping for these clever little containers! Our strong barrier film, printable of course and adaptable to any size container, is the ideal fit for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and also provides superb heat resistance to avoid failure in the machine. You can also specify ultrasonic sealing version.

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