All our pouches are great for packaging tricky products. They offer flexibility, exceptional shelf life, freshness and high barrier protection. Similarly, their heat stability, strength and suitability for high speed form, fill and seal packing lines make them an unrivalled choice for many packaging applications. On-shelf presence and customer convenience are also important aspects well served by our pouches, which stand up on shelf and can come spouted or with a zipper option.

Korozo is a market leader and pioneer in food packaging solutions, so we’re confident that we can find a solution for you, whatever you need. You may have already browsed our pages but here are just another couple of ideas to interest you. Retort Meals – here’s where our retort pouches come in. Designed to stand freely on shelf for best display, the bottom gusset also gives capacity for expansion. In addition, our lidding films a range of multilayer laminates that are compatible with a choice of trays, provide many benefits including high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent gas barrier and sealing properties. You can also specify antifog for good visibility, low temperature sealing or a peelable version for easy opening, and the whole range features superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance.

Sauces – just like for cream products, sauces are perfectly served by our highly convenient and consumer friendly pouches & spout pouches, avoiding leakage and maximising consumer-friendly access. Plus of course we can supply those handy little single-serve sachets for fast food or self service restaurants.

Pickles: these are very well served by our stand up pouches, ideally with zipper closure to facilitate repeated access, or choose our top notch Koropack films are ideal for HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) flowpack machines. They have a number of qualities that help to extend the shelf life of any pickle product.

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