Korozo Recycle Ready films and pouches will meet your barrier requirement, lessen your brand’s environmental impact, and deliver the same high-quality printing you have come to expect from Korozo Ambalaj.

KORORCY has been developed with significant resources invested by Korozo R&D team.

The barrier properties of the newly-launched KORORCY film ensure that the laminated film is ideal for a wide range of Food and Non Food applications.

KORORCY features an advanced PE formulation, key features and benefits of which include:

  • Unrivalled levels of clarity compared to OPP/PE and PET/PE laminates
  • Superior qualities: stiffer, stronger and lighter than a conventional PET/PE laminate of the same thickness
  • Ideal for printing in flexo system
  • Perfectly suited to zipper and tear notch applications
  • Provides both moisture and gas barriers suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and other applications.

Korozo is focused on protecting the value chain for stakeholders in all phases of film formulation and production and is fully committed to its sustainability strategy. Korozo’s goal is to make all its products recyclable or reusable by 2030.